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Chickpea Chat 8

With deconstructed samosa, yogurt & chutneys

Onion Bhaji 7

Onion tempura in a chickpea batter

Samosa 7

Potatoes & cashews tempered in a golden crisp pastry

Spring Rolls 9

Ground lamb & veg in a golden crisp spring roll wrap

Curry Leaf Calamari 12

With tempered herbs, spices & curry leaf masala

Masala Chicken Wings 10

Crispy Wings with a spiced Tamarind barbecue

Corn Chowder 8

A rich & creamy curry soup with corn & potatoes.


Rolled Papads with Assorted Chutneys 4

Cucumber Yogurt Raita 3

Sweet & Spicy Mango Chutney 4

Tempered Chillies & Pickled Onions 3

Tandoori Kabobs

All kabobs are served with assorted chutneys

Lamb Chops 29

Spiced,marinated & grilled in the tandoor

Lamb Malai Kabob 20

Spiced minced Lamb with a saffron cream sauce

Saffron Chicken Tandoori 19

Tender chicken brochettes w/a creamy saffron & herbs sauce

Tiger Prawns 26

Spicy marinated shrimps, cooked in the tandoor.

Paneer on Fire 19

Fresh artisan cheese tempered with hand pounded spices

Mystic Masala

All entrees are served with steamed basmati rice

Lamb Korma 20

Tender cubes of lamb in aromatic cashew curry

Lamb Palak 20

Fresh made spinach stir-fried with tender lamb masala

Lamb Shank Vindaloo 23

With a Goa style tangy-n-spicy gravy

Chicken Jalfrezi 19

With bell peppers & onions in a tangy tomato masala

Chicken Tikka Masala 19

Chicken kabab in a rich tomato cream sauce

Chicken Curry Punjabi 17

A fragrant dark meat curry w/whole herbs & spices

Saag Paneer 17

Slow cooked creamed spinach & soft paneer masala

Malai Kofta Curry 17

Paneer and veg dumpling with cashews in a rich curry

Monsoon Vegetables 17

mixed vegetables and paneer with a cashew cream curry

Daal Bukhara 13

Slow cooked black lentils with fresh herbs & spices

Garbanzo Masala 12

Hot & tangy, slow cooked garbanzo bean masala

Houseboat Fish Curry 22

In a coconut curry from the houseboats of Kerala

Coconut Curry Shrimps 25

Scented with tempered herbs, spices & curry leaf

Artisan Tandoori breads

Onion Kulcha 7

Fresh baked flatbread stuffed with diced onions

Tandoori Roti 5

Two small whole wheat flatbreads

Paratha 5

Multi layered whole wheat flatbread

Garlic Naan 4

Artisan flatbread w/ garlic & fresh herbs

Tandoori Naan 3

Fresh baked flatbread straight from the tandoor

Herb-n-Spice Naan 5

Fresh baked flatbread w/ turmeric,spices & herbs


Mango Panna Cotta 6

Saffron Gelato Kulfi 7

Royal Gulab Jamun 6


Mango Saffron Lassi 6

A cooling yogurt drink with mango & saffron cream swirled in

Punjabi Lassi 5

A cooling yogurt drink, served sweet or salted.

Cutting Chai 5

Mumbai special masala tea

Madras Café au lait 5

South Indian special coffee with milk

Cane Sugar Sodas 5

Mountain Spring Water 3